Our Story



Welcome dear friends.  My name is Lori. I'm the owner of fleurs et temps. Fleurs et temps was created in September 2021, when my husband and I received the news that his cancer was incurable. We had many candid conversations about the future.  I have always had a passion for flowers and love of old world beauty, so started thinking of what I could do to support myself when that difficult time came...


Sadly, my husband has since fell asleep in death after his 7 year battle with cancer. I miss him so much. He had a love for life and people, and strong faith and endurance. My husband's joyful demeanor even while going through cancer, and his passion for life will always be an inspiration for all of my jewelry, and a big part of me. 


Just a little history on the shop; As a little girl, I loved to dry and press flowers, and filled my bedroom with them. During the pandemic, I decided to get back into pressing and drying flowers and would make handmade gifts and bookmarks for friends and family. Also with my love of boutiques, I asked my husband what he thought of creating an online shop using pressed flowers to one day fully support myself. I started a journal and jotted down all my thoughts and ideas and sketched pictures of how I wanted the shop to be. While I'm still constantly making improvements and developing the shop, I hope you will stay a while.



At fleurs et temps, you'll find a curated collection of antique inspired clothing, and handmade jewelry and other items made by me that are inspired by flowers, nature, and always with a touch of vintage.