Our Story


Hello there! I'm Lori, the owner and creator of Fleurs Et Temps. This is my husband, Frank who has been my biggest support. Fleurs Et Temps was created in September 2021. I have always loved flowers, especially dried or pressed flowers ever since I was a little girl. During the pandemic, I decided to get back into pressing and drying flowers and would make handmade gifts and bookmarks for friends and family. Also with my love of boutiques, the idea of Fleurs Et Temps was hatched. I started a journal and would jot down and draw out all my ideas for the shop. There's a longer story behind why I started the shop, but that'll be for another day. While I am still developing the shop, I hope you will come visit and stay a while.



At Fleurs Et Temps, you'll find handmade items made by me that are inspired by flowers, nature, and always with a touch of vintage. Thank you for stopping by and smelling the roses.


Warmest regards,