Our Roots

Welcome to Fleurs Et Temps! Everything you find here is handmade by me. Being the sole owner and worker, I make everything, package it up for you, and ship it off to you. Because of this, each piece is unique, and made in small batches.


Pressing flowers is a beautiful process. It can take any where from 2-5 weeks depending on what kind of flower, if it dries quickly, or how thick it is. Most of the time, it takes about 3 weeks for the flowers to press. The results are always a surprise to see how they turn out, and sometimes what colors they become. Sometimes pink flowers become blue!


Each jewelry piece is meticulously made. I use resin and pressed flowers in most of the jewelry. Naturally there will be some tiny air bubbles in them, but after making each one, I inspect the quality and make sure they would be something that I would wear. I absolutely love making all these jewelry pieces and am venturing to create new designs.


Thank you for visiting this small shop of mine. I hope you will enjoy it and stay a while!


Warmest regards,