The Anne of Green Gables Collection

The Anne of Green Gables Collection


I must confess, I didn't read Anne of Green Gables as a child. (I watched the 1985 movie, and still love it to this day) I remember the girls in my class always talked about her. I was an avid reader, but never read the classic novels that girls always talked about. I was a little bit of a nerd and loved reading science fiction and adventure novels. I still love sci fi and adventure stories, but as an adult, I wanted to expand my reading horizons, and finally read some classics such as Jane Austen's books, and then part of L M Montgomery's Anne series. I still have to finish some of them.


I finally thought, why didn't I read these sooner? Anne Shirley is such an adventurous, imaginative, romantic. It's all that I loved as a kid!


I fell in love with Anne of Green Gables. Lucy Maud Montgomery's descriptions of the flowers that Anne sees makes me imagine myself there in Avonlea. I can see them, feel them, smell their sweet, and musky fragrances as the wind gently carries their scent. They sway back and forth as the breeze dances through them.


(photo credit: from the 1985 movie Anne of Green Gables)



I wanted to bring L M Montgomery's brilliant story telling into a collection that you can also love, cherish, and imagine. The Anne of Green Gables Collection is a thoughtfully made and curated collection, to try to convey the story, feelings, and characters, through the flowers and pieces. Each piece in this collection is handmade, so each one will be unique. I hope you will treasure each piece in this collection.


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