moments of summer

moments of summer

As summer nears, the days are getting warmer. But this year has been an unusually wet and rainy season for where I live here in Denver. It has been raining nearly every afternoon. It feels like it’s turning into the Pacific Northwest! We even discovered a leak in our roof from all the massive storms! But thankfully that will get fixed in the coming days. And even when it rains for days on end, the magnificent thunderstorms have been amazing to watch and listen to. 

I’m naturally a sunshine kind of person, but with all this rain, everything has been so lush, and green. The wildflowers are starting to bloom and pop up everywhere. It has been such a sight. I love walking along little trails in the mornings when I can, taking in that morning sun (when it’s not raining) and enjoying the sight of the wildflowers, and taking in the soothing scent of some of them.

With all of our busy lives, moments like this rejuvenate us. We need nature. It calms us, refreshes us, and helps us remember what’s truly important. When we walk along a trail and hear the rustling of the tree leaves sway back and forth gently, and the happy and melodic songs of the birds, it brings us peace and calm. Then we see the green fields, carpeted by an array of wildflowers. It melts our hearts and takes our breath away. 

What moments of summer do you enjoy most? Is it the longer, and warmer summer days? The beautiful flowers? A little vacation from the hustle and bustle?


Share your thoughts in the comments below. 



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