handwritten letters

handwritten letters


Dear reader,


We live in a time of technology where everything is fast paced and sending a text or an email is easier than sitting down to write a note, a card, or a letter. While texting and emailing is essential for everyday life and important for communication, there's something so special when we receive a handwritten letter or note in the mail. We can't believe the sender thought about us that much to take their time to write us a letter. These are cherished letters that we remember for a long time.


Receiving special letters from our loved ones moves us to want to do the same. Maybe we don't have time to write letters every week, but whenever we think of a loved one, why not send them a handwritten letter to let them know we're thinking of them.


A few years ago, a dear friend of mine was doing some volunteer work in NY, and we wrote letters to each other to keep in touch. I loved getting each one in the mail and cherished reading every letter she sent. To this day, I keep them and read them from time to time. (And I'm not typically a sentimental person.)



Some of the beautiful reasons we have to send someone a handwritten letter is:


1. A thoughtful letter will be cherished and treasured for a long time. Sending a thoughtful letter means so much to someone when we sit down and think of all the memories we have with them, why we cherish or appreciate them so much. Putting all our thoughts into words tells them how we really feel.


2. The joy of sending someone a letter. A wise proverb states, "There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving." How true this proverb is. When we're sending a letter to someone dear to us, we're not expecting anything in return. It's the opposite. Maybe when we think back, this person has done so much for us, that we want to express our appreciation and gratitude. Maybe it's a family member whom we just want to tell how much we love. It brings us joy when we do things for others, including writing them a letter. If we're feeling kind of down, it could even make us feel better and happier.


3. Bring back this beautiful lost art of handwritten letters. When we look back in history, so many important books and documents, beautiful stories, and famous poetry was preserved by means of written words. Writing has been so important in all cultures and peoples throughout history. We can preserve this beautiful art of handwritten letters by sending one to a loved one.



Make your letters not only personal and thoughtful, but fun and beautiful! You could use handmade paper and stationery, old stamps, and wax seals to add something special. And enjoy a cup of tea while you're writing your letter!


May you enjoy the beautiful art of writing letters to a loved one.


Warmest regards,




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