A little bit of Victorian charm in our everyday

A little bit of Victorian charm in our everyday

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 With a quick pace in our day to day lives, we often wake up, and need to hurriedly be somewhere, whether it's at work, or elsewhere. We don't always get to enjoy each moment of everyday. It's nice to slow down and just add a bit of beauty in our everyday. Maybe it's sipping on tea while conversing with our loved one, or taking time each day sitting down and sharing a meal with our family.


Victorian woman under a tree


What if we add a bit of Victorian charm into our everyday? What do I mean by this? Victorian society had a lot of etiquette (and at times many rules, which we're not talking about in this post), but we can apply the charm and etiquette to our everyday life, simply to slow down, and enjoy our time with loved ones.

For instance, in Victorian etiquette, one should never eat fast. When we slow down and enjoy a meal with a loved one, or maybe go out for a coffee, we give ourselves time, and "never eat fast," so we can actually spend quality time with our friend, really listening to them.  



Adding Victorian charm to our everyday could be using our finest China everyday. Why wait for just those special occasions. We could savor a cup of tea in our favorite teacup and saucer. Or perhaps enjoying some flowers in a vase. It might be freshly cut from our garden, or even from our local grocery store. It doesn't have to be expensive to add a bit of Victorian charm to our everyday. We can do small things to slow down and enjoy each moment with our loved ones. 


Vintage painting of flowers in a vase



Photo credits: 

Cover image from public domain, unknown 

“The Garden” by Ethel Walker (1861-1951)

“Summer Afternoon” (An Interior, Lord Birkenhead Seated) by Leonard Campbell Taylor (1874-1969)

“Dahlias” by Berthe Morisot (1876)

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